About us

Kempton Panorama School is a Special School which accomodates Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSEN).

Learners receive quality education (academic and vocational) to ensure future sustainability within the community.

Specialized education guide learners to develop knowledge, values and skills that will enable them to become self-supporting and worthy members of the community.


- Requirements to enable admission to Kempton Panorama -

Placements of learners in Special Schools must be controlled and managed by the Head Office and DBST as per eligible catagory of disability as delegated by the District Director

Learner must be 13 years and older

Learner must have relevant LSEN number and all referral documents must be in order and available

Learner must be able to understand and speak English or Afrikaans

Language of Learning and Teaching


Kempton Panorama School is a parallel medium school and the languages of instructio and teaching are in English and Afrikaans

Learners must abide by the language rule within the learning environment

Learners will not benefit from placement at our school is he/she does not understand English / Afrikaans


Academic Phases


Orientation Phase | Senior Phase | FET | General Certificate of Education


Vocational Fields


Boys - Motor Mechanics | Panel Beating | Sheet Metal | Spray Painting | Welding | Woodwork


Orientation Phase | Senior Phase | FET | General Certificate of Education


Effective Discipline


- Code of Conduct

- Educational Guidance Educators

- Social Workers


- Trained Staff

- Effective Merit / Demerit System

About our therapy centre

3x Full-Time Occupational Therapists

3x Full-Time Speech Therapists

1x Social Worker + Training of WITS Occupational Students

Kempton Panorama boasts with a fully functional therapy department

Upon admission each learner is screened by our therapists to determine whether the learner requires therapy

An individual support program enables therapy sessions during school hours

Testimonials & Articles

Kempton Panorama School congratulates class of 2022

Individual Attention


Small Groups